Piazza Madonna dei MontiIf you don’t know it, Monti is the tiny neighborhood in Rome, tucked into the area between Via Cavour and Via Nazionale. Although Monti is not ‘on the way’ to anywhere, it is very centrally located. There are no big streets running through it, just around it. So it not only feels like a neighborhood, it is one in every sense of the word. When I moved here twenty years ago there were still a lot of artisans renting ground floor spaces. While many have had to leave, forced out by high rent, there are a handful left. And the stores and restaurants that have replaced them have given Monti a new – yet still authentic – feel. Small boutiques, antique stores and new restaurants make this one of the most comfortable, yet exciting, neighborhoods to explore.

When you arrive at the apartment, you will find a list of all my favorite shops and restaurants in the neighborhood. But in the meantime, here are a few links to get you started:

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